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OceanLog allows you to easily transfer dive data from your PDC to your PC via a plug-in USB cable.
Main features:
- Dive Computer: allows you to select your desired dive computer and the dive computer serial number that you want to view/change the settings.
- Dive feature allows you to view/change the dive data information: Dive Site, Location, Life Time Dive # (view only), Date, DC Dive #, Location, Dive Site, Time In, Time Out, Elapsed Dive Time, Prior Surface Interval, Max Depth, Average Depth, FO2, Min.
Temperature, Cylinder, Cylinder Size, Working Pressure (if applicable), Start Pressure (if applicable), End Pressure (if applicable), Pressure Used (view only), SAC Rate (if applicable), PDC Model (view only), PDC Serial Number (view only), Dive Status, Dive Mode, Dive Data Type (view only).
- Location feature allows you to add/view/edit Dive Type, Visibility, Altitude, Air Temperature, Surface Temperature, Minimum Temperature, Current, Surge, Swell, Surf, Tide, Resort, Operator, Dive Boat, GPS, Highlights, Directions
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